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Of course, architecture, design, and potential (all things real estate agents are likely to bring up) are great, but I’m more drawn to the stories. The stories of the people who have chosen to make that house their home. When we get right to it, it isn’t really about the house itself, it is about how it makes us feel and the connection we have to it.


For me, it is listening to someone describe the cherished moments in their well-loved kitchen where they’ve carefully prepared meals for nearly twenty years. Or the casual comment how when the light is just right, it reflects through the window in such a way that they are happily reminded of a loved one. It is also being there to hear someone excitedly proclaim that “this is the one” after setting foot on the admittedly quirky oblong green and gold tiles in the front foyer. While these are only small pieces of the stories, they are certainly enough to provide a glimpse of what makes, or will make, a house a home.  


My Story:

I grew up in the Grand Rapids area. But as an “independent you can’t tell me to stay put” young adult, I headed as far away from Michigan as I could after high school (to my credit, scientists say our decision-making skills are still being developed well into our twenties).

Over the next several years, I spent time in the Southwest and on the West Coast. Then, I met a boy (now my husband of nearly 20 years), convinced him to move to Grand Rapids. Next, law school, another couple of years on the West Coast, and a move back home to Grand Rapids. Then, quick moves to St. Louis, Dallas, and Washington DC, and you got it, back to Grand Rapids. While I still like to think of myself as “independent,” I can’t help but recognize that my story is deeply connected to Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids is where my kids (all five of them) were born. It Is the place where we feel connected to our community and are close to family. It is a city rich with tradition but one that is also welcoming and experiencing burgeoning and promising social and economic growth. Of course, it is likely you already know about the latter, which is why you’ve connected with IHeartGR. 


Just for Fun:

I’m a lawyer by trade. But forget the stereotypes … while I’ve got killer negotiation skills, my career success stems from listening to my clients, developing solutions focused on people, and rising to the challenge.

I love Lucky Charms, prefer Coca-Cola, seem to consistently miss a workout, and have a terrible habit of failing to return those regrettable late-night impulse orders purchased via enticing links on Instagram. I try my darndest to enjoy every moment because I know that someday, I’ll miss the sounds of the sibling squabbles or constant requests for more “screen time”.

If you are looking to make a move and find my story just a little intriguing – let’s connect! Shoot me a message at I’d love to help and hear about you and your story!

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