A Week in John Ball Park

Thinking About Moving to John Ball Area Neighbors? Take a closer with us to find the hidden gems, murals, and of course the weekly real estate listing in John Ball Park. Located directly west of Downtown, John Ball Area Neighbors have all the benefits of downtown living with the added bonus of backyards. As the name suggests this neighborhood also houses the John Ball Zoo. 600 Broadway Avenue 423 NW Union...

HeartGR Program Spotlight: After Dark

GR! We are so excited to share a new non-profit support initiative with you! >>>The HeartGR Program! When we first envisioned our real estate brokerage it was with greater Grand Rapids community at the center because we feel called to make an impact in the neighborhoods where serve and sell homes in a tangible way. We know that many in our circle felt the same, so we built and are excited to...

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