Our Core Values

Core values iheartgr greater grand rapids real estate
IHeartGR Core Values Community Enthusiasts

Community Enthusiasts

We love exploring and giving back to our Greater Grand Rapids community

IHeartGR Core Values Not Jerks

Not Jerks

We’re so serious about this one that we made it our WIFI password.  Absolutely no jerks allowed!

IHeartGR Core Values Initiative Takers

Initiative Takers

We work towards solutions and even if we don’t know the answer we are for sure going to find the person who does to help us and our clients move towards their goals. 

IHeartGR Core Values Authentically Ourselves

Authentically Ourselves

There is no reason, not a single one, to not be yourself here.  We embrace who we are and honor the differences that make our team and clients great.

IHeartGR Core Values Always Learning

Always Learning

This industry changes at such a rapid pace that if we aren’t growing we are falling behind.  Our peeps are curious and constantly learning, both personally and professionally.

IHeartGR Core Values People First

People First

Sure we can get caught in the paperwork of a transaction, but people work is at the center of what we do.  We are people first, every single time.

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