Millbrook, Grand Rapids, Michigan Real Estate Overview


Millbrook Info

Solid mid-century design, Millbrook is a mainly residential neighborhood tucked between 32nd and 44th St SE with Plaster Creek running through it.

Vibe: Residential

Well Known for: Mid-Century Modern homes

What We Love About This Area: Plaster Creek!

Elementary School: Sherwood Elementary

Middle School: Alger Middle School

High School: Ottawa Hills High School

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What’s the Millbrook Real Estate Market Like?

Information on Average home sales data in this neighborhood in the last 12 months.

Average Home Sale Price: $309,450

% of Sales Price vs List Price: 106.7% (6.7% over list price)

Average Bedrooms: 3 beds

Average Bathrooms: 2.5 baths

Average Square Footage: 1,460 sq feet

Average Price Per Square Foot: $215/sq foot

Number of Days a Home is on the Market: 5


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Homes for Sale in Millbrook

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Home to this great, local business

Blue’s Gym

Gym, physical fitness, martial arts, and boxing. This gym has all the options for one looking to add a little movement in their life!

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