Mike Spiegel

Hi, I'm Mike!

Write a bio they said, well, that shouldn’t be hard. Except, it is. So, here I am, a couple of months after joining IHeartGR, and at the persistence of our awesome admin team (they are amazing at ensuring things get done and don’t fall through the cracks), I did what any smart married man should do and asked my wife for help putting together a little something about me. 

According to Tricia (and if you are following along, that is my wife, who is also an agent with IHeartGR):

Mike is one of those guys who seems to fit in wherever he goes. He can instantly make you feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation (ask him about when we met the wonderful family who purchased the house we had just remodeled and sold while I was geeked-up on just-gave-birth-hormones). In all seriousness, and much to my chagrin, this means he’s waaaay better at having those conversations that are part of school drop-off and pick-up, awkward fundraisers (because those are always uncomfortable, right!?!), and just getting to know people. 

I’ll sum it up in a few sentences:

  • He listens – He genuinely cares about what you have to say.
      • He is knowledgeable – He knows what he is talking about when it comes to real estate (and other things too, but the real estate thing is important in this context).
      • He is dedicated – He will bend over backward to help out others.
  • He is a competitor – He has your back and is willing to fight for you (once you meet him, ask him about his Glory Days).
    • He loves living in West Michigan – He is a California boy turned Michigan convert and truly loves all four seasons as well as Grand Rapids and all it has to offer.

So, that is it in a nutshell! Admittedly, I’m a little biased but I know first-hand that Mike has negotiated the heck out of some tough deals. On more than one occasion, his passion for helping others has earned him time in the dog house as I toil away over dinner and the never-ending laundry, all while barefoot with five kids running around the house after a grueling day at work.

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