Midtown, Grand Rapids, Michigan Real Estate Overview


Midtown Info

There are so many nooks, alleys, and commercial developments to explore in this neighborhood. It maintains the character of the initial neighborhoods of Grand Rapids, the age of homes and color palette but is updated with the Lyon Street Run club, neighborhood brewery, and coffee shops.

Vibe: Cool urban living in a downtown adjacent neighborhood

Well Known for: Happy, colorful Victorian style homes

What We Love About This Area: It feels like a cool neighborhood in Chicago without the price tag

Elementary School: GR Montessori

Middle School: Alger Middle

High School: Ottawa Hills High

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What’s the Midtown Real Estate Market Like?

Information on Average home sales data in this neighborhood in the last 12 months. Source grar.com

Sale Price: $287,032

% of Sales Price vs List Price: 108.7% (8.7% over list price)

Bedrooms: 3 beds

Bathrooms: 2 baths

Square Footage: 1,593 sq feet

Price Per Square Foot: $178/sq foot

Number of Days a Home is on the Market: 6

Homes for Sale in Midtown

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Apartments in Midtown

Lofts on Michigan

Residents get to experience all the new & historic amenities this area has to offer. Located near the Medical Mile there is incomparable access to the freeway, neighborhood businesses, parks, and the beloved Fulton Street Farmers Market.

Home to these great, local businesses

Lyon Street Cafe

The place where everyone hangs out – why? – because this cafe is welcoming and unique!

Martha’s Pizza

Every pizza is baked in a stone hearth oven on your choice of crispy Neapolitan, whole wheat, or gluten-free crust.

Martha’s Vineyard

Wine merchant and gourmet grocer focused on procuring the finest beverage and food products.

Nantucket Baking

Breads, pastries, and cakes of all sizes.

Friesian Gastropub

Brunch, cocktails, and an aesthetic atmosphere with notable interior and exterior spaces.

Murals in Midtown

Friesian Gastropub Mural

720 Michigan St NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503


723 Michigan St NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Abstract Arrows

353 Fuller Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Midtown Murals
Midtown Murals
Lock Ness Monster Mural 

315 Fuller Ave NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Madcap Fulton Mural 

1041 Fulton St E, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Midtown murals


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