Lynette Fitzpatrick

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Hello, Lynette Fitpatrick here!


I grew up in West Michigan and have lived here my entire life. My love for the area is just a portion of why my real estate career is so important to me. My background in interior design and new home construction have led me me to where I am now. Not only that, but I also have two decades of experience in sales and negotiation. It’s almost like the world was telling me I needed to serve as a real estate agent!

I want my clients to know that they can trust me and rely on me. A large portion of how I make this goal is by communication. My promise to you is to carefully listen to your wants and needs. From there I am determined to do what it takes to meet them; whether that means helping you get your home list ready and staging it to sell, or envisioning the potential of a prospective property to make it into your dream home.

My goal is to have clients who are thrilled with the outcome!

Outside of real estate, my passions include interior design and helping animals. I am a mother of three plus a dog and currently reside in the Rockford community!

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