Jason Creadon

Jason Creadon real estate agent iheartgr grand rapids michigan
Jason Creadon real estate agent iheartgr grand rapids michigan

Hello, my name is Jason Creadon and I am so excited to meet you!


First and foremost, I am an animal lover to the core. Whether it is the silly grin my dog gives me anytime I look in her direction, or the glare my cat gives me at the thought that I might be thinking about walking towards him, my pets bring a smile to my face every time I think of them. My dog is Hela, my cat is Loki, and people are always a little surprised when I mention my two rats Phobos and Deimos as well as my snake, Seraph.


My favorite place to be in this city is a little different from most.  It is the newer Studio Park Cinema, right in downtown Grand Rapids.  Between the heated leather recliners, and the better then standard concessions options, and the larger theaters with plenty of room for guests, this is where you are most likely to find me hiding out on a Friday or Saturday night.  Hopefully, it is the latest Marvel movie or an A24 horror film, but I will never turn down any excuse to get to the theater.


I moved to GR about 15 years ago from Wisconsin, on a complete whim. On a vacation, I was at one of the hotels right downtown.  The Blue Bridge, the river, and the skyline just had me instantly in love with Grand Rapids. That night, walking by the river and enjoying the grounds of the Ford Museum I knew this was where I wanted to call home.


Some people feel led to a city because of the atmosphere or maybe the food scene, which Grand Rapids has plenty of; but I knew I loved Grand Rapids because of the simplest interaction.


I was downtown, walking, talking, and just taking in all the sights and sounds and completely oblivious to everything else.  I ended up walking in front of a parking garage, where someone was exiting as I started across. I was clearly in the wrong, but the driver not only stopped without honking their horn, they rolled down their window, waved, and smiled.  Now that may seem like a ridiculous thing, but anyone who has spent time in a larger midwest city like Milwaukee or Chicago knows that is not the common way someone not paying attention in a city is greeted, especially by an inconvenienced driver.

This was when I understood what I loved about Grand Rapids Rapids.  It has the same hustle and bustle of any major city, completely with its own unique skyline, interesting dining spots, and fun shops, but it is still small enough that you are seeing your friends, family and neighbors.  In Grand Rapids, you have “the big city feels” intertwined with small town relationships, giving you everything you could want in a place you call home.

My husband and I moved here, from directly across the lake, in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  In addition to our pets and movies, we love enjoying the restaurant life around the city and hanging out at the Rivertown mall.  When not at the theater, we will enjoy a “quiet” night of video games, reading, or watching any of our numerous Blue Rays… That’s right, we still purchase hard copies of all of our movies.


Our living room is loaded with Marvel action figures, Pokemon, and even a Castle Grayskull, from Masters of the Universe.  I have a painting of Magneto, my favorite villain,  hanging over my couch. Our style is anything but ordinary, as our love of the cartoons and comics and movies that were prevalent when we were growing up has infiltrated every available corner of our home


David is a social worker, who works with teens and kids in the ER and I have been a Realtor for several years.  I love when I get the opportunity to help my friends and family, but it’s even better when I get to make new friends who have given me the chance to buy or sell their home and move on to the next phase of their lives.


There is so much to juggle throughout a real estate transaction; and I love being able to take that burden off of someone else’s plate so they can focus on the more important things; like finding the nearest dog park, as they get ready to move.


If you are thinking of making your move, give me a call or text.  I am here to help!

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