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Our Non-Profit Impact Commitment

The Heart GR Program

As a real estate team, we feel called to make an impact in the community we serve in a tangible way. Grand Rapids is an incredibly kind region and we know that many of our followers feel the same, so we built a program to allow anyone to come alongside us in this mission.

The HeartGR Program is out initiative to give back to the Nonprofits who do so much in our community!

Every other month we will feature, advocate for, volunteer at (if possible with COVID precautions) and donate to a Grand Rapids area nonprofit.

Have a nonprofit or cause you think we should know about?

Email us at iheartgrandrapids@gmail.com

February Giveback

Help Hand2Hand feed hungry kids on the weekend by packing food for them.

With over 80,000 kids in West Michigan receiving free and reduced lunch during the school week, that also means those kids have a 68 hour gap where they are at risk of having little to no food.

Hand2Hand exists to eliminate that gap so that every kid has an opportunity to thrive by mobilizing schools, churches, businesses, and individuals to provide a backpack of nutritious food over the weekend and extended school breaks!


Click HERE to learn how to VOLUNTEER

Raising Funds

Each month, we raise funds for the chosen nonprofit by donating 100% of the proceeds from our online shop and by creating an online fundraiser for people to directly donate. This gives YOU, our audience, the chance to be involved with the HeartGR Program.

Educating our Audience

We believe that educating our followers is just as crucial to nonprofits as volunteering and donating. Every week of the month, we educate those on our socials with ways they can get involved as well as sharing information about the nonprofit and how to contact them if you could use their services.


During the month, our team volunteers with the chosen nonprofit. Oftentimes, volunteers are needed just as much as actual monetary donations. Being hands-on and helping on-site allows us to get a feel for just how much nonprofits do to help the community. (Spoiler alert: It’s a lot more than you think.)

Getting Involved

Now it’s time for YOU to get involved. Volunteering your time & skills to a nonprofit makes a huge impact and helps them accomplish goals that they could never reach!

This is our challenge to you. Start by finding the volunteer page for a local nonprofit to get started! 

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