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Tiffany Szakal
Tiffany Szakal, Broker
Rachel Zylstra
Rachel Osborn-Zylstra, Realtor
Sally Daling
Sally Daling, Realtor
Daniel Morgan, Realtor
Linda Russ, Realtor
Rachel Turner, Realtor
Mike Spiegel, Realtor
Alex Bolen, Realtor
Molly Craft
Molly Craft, Realtor
Lynette Fitzpatrick
Lynette Fitzpatrick, Realtor
Gavin Wilke, Realtor
Hannah Greening
Hannah Greening, Realtor
Ann Woudwyk
Ann Woudwyk, Realtor
Stephanie Tew, Realtor
Richard Haas, Realtor
Elizabeth Balaguer, Realtor
Jason Creadon, Realtor
Michelle Harmon
Michelle Harmon, Realtor
Osama Al Haymi
Osama Al Haymi, Realtor
Joe Woudwyk, Realtor
Tricia Spiegel, Realtor
Stacey Tilley, Realtor
Dave Ross, Realtor

Support Team

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Jerri Draves, Administrative Coordinator
Nicole Vaughan, The Harmony Team Admin
Amalia Newenhouse
Amalia Newenhouse, Communications
Delaney Jo Carter, Executive Assistant to Hannah Greening
Delaney Rose
Delaney Rose, Real Estate Intern

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