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I’m the IHeartGR First Time Home Buyer Specialist…

…and I’m gonna tell it to ya straight.

I know that some people don’t like Realtors.

There, I said it.

But hey, I totally get it.

This industry is like most others – we’ve got some amazing professionals who view this as their lifelong career. This is their passion, and they are constantly working to improve their craft.

And then, well… there are some bad eggs.

So, what led me to this industry?

When I was a freshman in college, my grandparents bought a house. It was the first house they had bought in 30+ years. They might as well have been first time home buyers.

The year was 2008.

They had seen some For Sale signs in my aunt’s neighborhood, so when they were finally ready to write an offer, they just called the listing agent.

They didn’t know her. They didn’t know anything about the process, what kinds of questions to ask, what to look out for.

And unfortunately, they were taken advantage of.

They later learned the agent was friends with the sellers, and unfortunately, she only had her seller’s best interests in mind. The nuance of different kinds of realtor-client relationships was not made clear up front.

Now, yes – it was my grandparents’ duty to do some due diligence, to ask questions, etc.

But when it’s your first time going through a huge, complicated transaction like this… you don’t know what you don’t know.

They put all of their trust into this agent. They thought she would help them. But when they signed on the dotted line and started discovering huge problem after huge problem, the agent was nowhere to be found.

I witnessed all of this firsthand as a young adult, and it had an incredible impact on me.

I don’t ever want anyone to experience something like that, and I work my ass off trying to help make sure it doesn’t.

Here’s where I sign off with a corny “call-to-action” and tell you to call me when you’re ready to buy or sell.

But seriously, when you’re ready, I’ll be in your corner.

Every step of the way.

Dana is a GVSU grad, with a double major in Advertising & Public Relations and Health Communications. She and her husband Justin have been married since 2009, and love to explore all that GR has to offer.

They have one cat, Nermal, who was named after the grey kitty from Garfield. And one dog, Rowdy, who was named after the dog in Scrubs.

If you want to learn more about IHeartGR, our mission, or are in the market to list or sell a home (even if you’re not a first-timer), send me a message at dana@iheartgr.org! I would love to chat with you and help guide you on your journey.

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