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Ever wonder why you can’t stick to a prospecting schedule, or if you’re bugging your friends and family by reaching out, or maybe, what in the world to say to the other agent in a transaction?

We discussed overcoming mental roadblocks to develop a simple, solid, and repeatable sales process to grow your real estate business with confidence.

Quick-Question…Are you a Hunter, Gatherer, or Farmer?

We discussed what-in-the-world this question means and why answering it is the foundation of your real estate prospecting success.

Is there more on your to-do list than you know what to do with? Are you overwhelmed with where to even start your day? Do you have 13,177 unread emails? Okay, maybe not that last one, but i think you get the idea.

We discussed simplifying, delegating, and scaling your sales process.

We discussed where to get started to take control of your finances. Tips, tricks, and taxes for Agents to be Mindful of. Why financial freedom is elusive for some agents. And why taking controls of your finances has such an impact on relationships around us (and how to impact them for the better.)

Wondering what’s new with GRAR’s 2022 Purchase Agreement Updates? Perhaps you skip over one or two sections when explaining the documents to clients. Maybe you just want a deeper understanding of what’s being signed. We covered each section in-depth, talk through updates and discuss how it protects you and your clients.

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