First, Congrats!

What an exciting adventure you are about to go on!

If I had to guess I’d say you are probably in the information gathering stage of the homebuying process, which is why you’ve landed on this page.

You may be stalking homes on Zillow or building Pinterest boards! All of those are great activities.

We are happy to help and happy to show you around this fantastic city!

The Market

We are in a strong seller’s market in West Michigan.

During each showing we will talk about what the sellers of that home are looking for in an offer and what the neighborhood trends are for pricing.

When you’re ready to make an offer, we’ll work to make sure it stands out from the crowd in this competitive market.

Terrible Photos - Not all photos are equal for online listings. We may send you listings that match your search criteria but have terrible photos. Trust us on this.We once sold a home in the height of summer in which the photos made the home look like an actual haunted house - no joke- because of the angle of the photo. The home ended up being a perfect fit for our clients AND appraised for nearly $20K more than the purchase price!In that same thought, some photographers have a camera effect that makes the home look a certain way and when we get in the home it won’t look quite the same as the photos.Remember, an agent’s job when marketing a home is to get you to want to see it in person but we end up with all sorts of variables with photos.

Terrible Photos

We know you’ve seen the terrible cell phone photos of homes online.

We have too. 

Not every home has the best photos and we may send you listings that match your search criteria but have terrible photos.

Trust us if we send you homes with bad photos – it often means less competition on offers.

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Your Buying Team

We LOVE working with buyers and aim for a WOW-worthy experience!

A lot of our clients are surprised to find out that the buyer’s agent commission is paid by the seller – which means our team will advocate, educate, negotiate, and navigate on your behalf often at no cost to you!

To meet our Agents – CLICK HERE

Your Move, Made Easy


We are proud to announce our moving concierge program for clients.

A free-to-use dashboard to access our preferred service providers, move utilities in one place, schedule service, AND speak to a real live team member who will help you coordinate all the details of your move.

Because we want you to enjoy your home buying experience, not be exhausted by it.

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