Black Hills

Black Hills
Black Hills

Black Hills Neighborhood Info

Tucked in South of the Grand River, Black Hills was named for the numerous Black Walnut trees sprinkled among the homes of this most residential neighborhood.

Neighborhood Vibe: Starter Homes close to Downtown

Well Known for: Black Walnut Trees

What We Love About This Neighborhood: The Residents!

Elementary School: Southwest Community Campus

Middle School: Burton Middle School

High School: Union High School


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What’s the Black Hills Real Estate Market Like?

Information on Average home sales data in this neighborhood in the last 12 months.

Average Home Sale Price: $111,580

% of Sales Price vs List Price: 102.42% (2.56% over list price)

Average Bedrooms: 3 beds

Average Bathrooms: 1.5 baths

Average Square Footage: 1,194 sq feet

Average Price Per Square Foot: $98/sq foot

Number of Days a Home is on the Market: 6


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Homes for Sale in Black Hills

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Home to these great, local businesses:



Spacebar is a local workspace for anyone who needs it! They have a range of desk space available, check out their website to learn more!

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