I am the IHeartGR marketing and design gal!

Grand Rapids has been my home since I was born and I have never lived more than 15-20 minutes outside of the city. Up until a couple years ago, I didn’t really realize how much this city had to offer me. While working for IHeartGR I have learned so much about Grand Rapids and the outstanding citizens that inhabit the city, from business owners to freelance artists to social media gurus and beyond.

I graduated from Rockford High School and continued my education at Grand Rapids Community College focusing on photography. Since then I have found a passion in design, marketing, and helping my friends succeed!

In 2015 I married my best friend who goes by the name of Tyler, but I like to call him Ty or “Punk.” We live together with our yellow lab named Shyanne who is the most adorable pup, but also the most needy for attention! You can find us taking Shyanne camping or riding around the greater Grand Rapids area on our mopeds. Adventure has typically found me in the time that I have been married to Ty and I like to think we are taking every opportunity and not allowing them to pass us by.

If you want to learn more about IHeartGR, our mission, or are in the market to list or sell a home, send me a message at! I would love to chat with you and help. ☆

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