3 Reasons We Love Grand Rapids Nonprofits

nonprofits in grand rapids
nonprofits in grand rapids

We took a couple weeks to showcase nonprofits in Grand Rapids on our socials back in May and along with doing so, realized there are so many reasons to LOVE these nonprofits! Listed below are three reasons WHY we love these nonprofits in GR! 

1. Housing Crisis Help

It’s no surprise that at IHeartGR we are passionate about helping people find their dream homes in the Greater Grand Rapids area, and that includes a home with functioning utilities, a home located in a great neighborhood, and a home with special heartfelt touches for each buyer. 

There are a great variety of housing nonprofits in the city and we love each and every one of them. Our team has volunteered with many of the housing nonprofits in Grand Rapids and can say that they are making a huge difference in the housing crisis in Grand Rapids! 

So what exactly is the housing crisis? The housing crisis in Grand Rapids includes the increase in competition and prices in the housing market and many of the nonprofits help families to combat this issue in different ways. 

Housing nonprofits in GR include: 

  • ICCF (Inner City Christian Federation)
  • Dwelling Place
  • New Development Corp
  • Habitat For Humanity
  • AYA Youth Collective
  • Linc Up

2. Great Volunteer Programs

The IHeartGR Team has had experience volunteering with a ton of the nonprofits in GR and our experience has been nothing short of fantastic! There are so many options when it comes to volunteering and people with all skill sets can use their gifts to give back to the community in all kinds of ways. 

Do you have building experience? Sign up to volunteer with one of the housing nonprofits listed above. Have a passion for kids? Volunteer with one of the many nonprofits dealing with children’s needs in GR. Become a cross cultural partner with Treetops Collective if your interested in walking alongside New American women and teen girls. Pack lunches at Kids Food Basket to assist with community food needs. There are so many opportunities for you to volunteer and impact the community! 

3. Specified Needs Met

The nonprofits in Grand Rapids are specific to the various needs in Grand Rapids. Examples of those needs include food for hungry children, education for suffering families on buying a home, combating the housing crisis, helping New American women and teens, raising awareness on social justice issues, restoring parks in Grand Rapids, and more!

Specifying certain needs allows for the most productivity in combating those needs and the nonprofits in GR do a great job!  

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