Downtown Market, Grand Rapids

The Downtown Market is a HIGHLIGHT of a Grand Rapids experience. It serves a million and ten roles (OK, that might be a little bit of an exaggeration, but seriously, you’ll find a ton there!) and makes for the perfect afternoon excursion!

First and foremost, it is an indoor (and sometimes outdoor) market filled with amazing vendors–who we will highlight below! It also is an amazing event venue and if you are looking for a dreamy wedding venue, you NEED to checkout their STUNNING upstairs greenhouse! Along with being a fantastic market and event venue, they also hold culinary classes and special events!

So without further or do, let us introduce you to some of the amazingly cool Downtown Market Vendors!

1) Squibb Coffee

You cannot have a GR market without a local coffee shop and Squibb fills that role well!

  • Aesthetic atmoshphere
  • Coffee creations

2) Tacos El Cuñado

A beloved Grand Rapids taco shop that makes the best authentic Mexican selections!

  • Authentic Mexican food
  • Mexican soda selection
  • Notable pineapple salsa

3) RAK Thai

The Downtown Market’s Thai place that sells AMAZING food and boba! 

  • Boba tea and smoothies
  • Pad Thai that is to die for

4) Love's Ice Cream

A beloved local ice cream shop with a cute seating area and amazing flavors

  • Vegan options
  • Mitten pops
  • Cute interior

5) Pinktail Poke

Have you ever tried Poke? It’s a Hawaiian staple and Pinktail Poke gives the best experience!

  • Hawaiian Poke
  • Shave Ice

6) Juju Bird

UNBEATABLE chicken and donuts making for the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat the next time you find yourself at the Downtown Market!

  • Nashville hot chicken
  • Wings
  • Donuts

7) Aperitivo

Full service cheese and charcuterie counter with dine in and to go options so you can have the best experience!

  • Cheeses from all over the world
  • An experience within itself
  • Charcuterie

8) Gaby's Gourmandise

Classic French pastries that will have your mouth watering!  Everything from crepes to cakes to tartes to Viennoiserie and more!

  • Sweet French Pastries
  • Savory snacks 
  • French sandwiches

9) Pho 616

Get a taste of Vietnam at this authentic vietnamese restaurant inside the market!

  • Beef pho broth
  • Family recipes
  • Vietnamese grocery items

10) Alt City Beverage Company

A premium beverage selection greets you as you enter the Downtown Market at Alt City Beverage Company! 

  • Smoothies
  • Juice Combinations
  • Coffee and espresso

11) Sushi Market

Serving up fresh sushi classics along with maki rolls, sashimi, and seaweed salad all made on-site!

  • Sushi favorites
  • Catering services

12) High Tide Soda

500+ craft sodas with unique flavors!

  • Build-your-own six packs
  • Kids drinks
  • Cocktail mixers
  • Local sodas

13) Dorothy and Tony's Gourmet Popcorn

After years. of selling popcorn at farmers markets, Dorothy and Tony’s Gourmet Popcorn finally found the Downtown Market to sell their goodies! Enjoy their famous popcorn recipes at the Downtown Market. 

  • Kettle corn
  • Classic popcorn flavors
  • Hand made


14) Slow's Bar-B-Q

Slow-cooked barbecue favorites with amazing sandwiches and sides! Dine in in their restaurant inside the Downtown Market!

  • Brisket
  • Award winning wings
  • Catering services

15) Field & Fire

Iconic local Grand Rapids baked goods and breads that are simply miraculous.

  • breads
  • sandwiches
  • pastries

16) Carvers

Artisan butcher and meat market with unbeatable meat options and homestyle sides to go along with it!

  • Full-service kitchen
  • Sustainable sources
  • House-made sausages

17) Fish Lads

 A quick-service restaurant providing the freshest seafood, both locally-caught and from around the world.

  • Fresh seafood
  • Specialty pantry items

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