Grand Rapids Nominated, We’re Reporting! The Top 8 of IHeartGR’s March Madness Brunch Bracket

March Madness brings festivities, fun, and tradition to American culture as we engage and stay updated with NCAA basketball games on TV and fill out our brackets. The NCAA brings Americans together by providing healthy competition between family, friends, and coworkers and at IHeartGR, we wanted to bring some fun, healthy competition to our followers in a similar way. 

And what better way to do that than hold our very own March Madness: Grand Rapids Brunch edition! So we threw together a bracket composed of  32 GR brunch restaurants and each “game” of the bracket was then put up in our Instagram stories as a poll where the people voted for their brunch picks!

8) Field & Fire

In eighth place we have our beloved Field and Fire Bakery. Field and Fire is both on Monroe by Sixth Street Bridge and also at the Downtown Market! They serve up mad pastries and their menu has an extensive list of yummy food that you will NOT be able to resist! 


7) Matchbox Diner

Everything about Matchbox Diner is clean-cut and classy! Matchbox Diner is named Matchbox Diner for its size — The size of a Matchbox! The best part is, unlike most brunch spots, they are open until 7pm whoop!


6) Real Food Cafe

This is your typical American Diner! Real Food Cafe serves up a happy spirit along with some mouth-watering cinnamon rolls. One thing to note is that they are cash only, so if you don’t normally carry cash on you, remember to stop at the bank before you go (BUT if you forget, no worries because there are ATMs at both of their locations!)


5) Lucy's Cafe

Lucy’s Cafe

Lucy’s is what I view as a Grand Rapids staple piece. Lucy’s is located in the adorable neighborhood of Creston where murals are abounding and smells of brunch linger under your nose. They have a well-known mimosa bar and their menu screams deliciousness!


4) The Winchester

I walked past Winchester as I was walking down Wealthy Street the other day and got the perfect look at their patio that is painted with trees blooming with white flowers! I cannot imagine anything better than enjoying a Caramel Apple French Toast with friends in the midst of a bloomind patio space!


3) San Chez

When I think of San Chez, the first thing I think of is Tapas, but little did you know (or maybe you did), they serve up a super tasty brunch as well! The atmosphere of this downtown gem is just stunning and definitely is the perfect spot for your next brunch date. 


2) Wolfgangs

We introduce to you our runner up, WOOHOO! Wolfgangs is a small restaraunt tucked away in a corner on Wealthy St. and their menu is HUGE! I could not believe all of the options I had when going there. This is also a well known place for an affordable but high quality brunch.  Some of our favorites include the Vegan Forsyth Skillet and the Bread Lady but those are only a fraction of the amazingness they offer!







Alright you guys, if you don’t already know, MudPenny holds a very special spot in our hearts. We often find ourselves at either one of their locations for our team meetings or just to get some work done on our own in a cute environment! Their menu is so creatively crafted and highlights some very unique dishes. They also offer vegan options which will make your mouth water. 

In conclusion, the people voted, and we are very excited about the IHeartGR March Madness winner being MudPenny! Congrats MudPenny!


If you are as excited about these businesses as we are, make sure to go follow their social medias and pay them a visit! Grab your friends, mom, significant other, or family and treat them while supporting some of Grand Rapids top brunch picks!

AND if you want to learn more about the amazing local businesses in Grand Rapids, make sure to check out our other blog posts, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, and Pinterest!

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