5 Reasons We Love West Michigan in the Winter

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5 Things to Explore in Grand Rapids in the Winter

5 reasons we love West Michigan in the Winter!


Number 5: January Series at Calvin University

Calvin University’s January Series brings in experts from around the world for public conversations on topics effecting us that year. In the past they’ve inspired us on topic like artificial intelligence, civil rights, marketing, and the future with pandemics.

Really interesting, and varying conversations to catch for free in January 


Number 4: Holiday shopping!

Our team really gets into the holidays. I mean – REALLY. But also, what’s not to love about commercial corridors dressing up their windows with a light snow falling out with your friends exploring boutiques and bakeries. And West Michigan does it right – it feels just like a Hallmark movie throughout the month of December. 


Number 3: Outside Coffee Company

The winter brings a special sort of magic to Outside Coffee Company. Just like the name implies, this coffee shop is completely outdoors and open almost every day of the year with seasonal drink selections, enclosed domes, hammocks, Adirondack chairs and fire pits in the middle of the Wealthy Street Corridor.

It is an experience! Trust us – it’s a must visit. 


Number 2: The World of Winter

The World of Winter, brought to us by Downtown Grand Rapids Inc, is exactly the pick me up we need in the dolmdrums of the season. This month and a half long festival brings events and art exhibits like the human hungry hippo tournament, ice bars, walking tours, alleys of ice sculptures, and so much more. It begins in the middle of January and runs through the end of February.

Definitely worth a visit Downtown.

And speaking of Downtown…


Number 1: Ice skating at Rosa Park’s Circle.

This one you guys, makes my heart soar. Skating in the middle of our City with young and old all around, and couples hold hands, with maybe a few falls, and then collectively tromping off the rink to watch the Zamboni. It is such a connecting and exciting and peaceful experience.

You should absolutely check it.


So all of this is to say that even though West Michigan is a bit chilly and suffers from Lake Effect Snow – that’s no reason not to enjoy the Winter season.


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