A Winter Day Spent in Grand Rapids

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There are two things at the moment that feel very restricting: The COVID pandemic and the cold of the winter months. The misconception that having a fun and safe day out with friends in Grand Rapids can be hard right now is fairly easy to make, however, Grand Rapids is a city full of endless options amidst all of the obstacles! This city makes it so easy to plan an exhilarating day in GR with good company! I spent a day in the city with a few friends this past week and would LOVE to tell you about everything we did!

1. Stop to get pastries at Rise Authentic Baking

OK full disclosure here, our intent was going to chill in the heated greenhouses that Rise offers and eat our tasty goodies, but they were all full 🙁  (they are so fun and relaxing and you should definitely visit them if you get a chance!) So instead, we took our pastries to go and enjoyed them at the park! Rise’s donuts are my absolute favorite and I got the chocolate espresso donut which was SO delicious and everything my tastebuds needed!

(I also got the lavender vanilla donut a couple days before this and if you are a fan of anything lavender you are going to want to try it sometime!)

2. A Walk in Sixth Street Park

We took our pastries over to Sixth Street Park and walked along the river with the beautiful city views accompanying us! One of the things I love about this park is that it has outdoor workout equipment that is so fun! We had so much fun trying it out even though our intent wasn’t really to work out haha!

We also had to snap a few pictures on the bridge because of the beauty all around! it makes for such a good photo spot.

3. Taking Pictures at some cool spots around GR!

One thing my friends and I have always loved doing is dressing cute and taking pictures anywhere around the city and thankfully Grand Rapids is the most perfect place to do that. First of all, GR has an insane amount of murals that make for the perfect photo background and are just stunning! We took pictures at the mural on the side of Stonesthrow which is just darling! 

The other places we took pictures: 

  • Top of a parking garage
  • Sixth Street Bridge
  • Commune Mural

4. Coffee, of course!

OK but can we talk about Bradbury Cafe for a minute? This new Wealthy Street Coffee Shop gives all the European vibes and brews up an amazing latte! We had to stop and grab a cup before we went on with our day!

5.Fruition acai bowls for lunch!

This was my first time having an acai bowl, and it did not disappoint! I always thought they looked cute but never really understood the hype I guess, and now I understand! This may have been one of the best things I have ever tasted, and if you are a fruit person like me, you are definitely going to want to head over to Fruition!

6. Shopping Wealthy Street, Commune, & The Plant Shop

Grand Rapids has some pretty unique shops and boutiques hidden throughout the city and they are just the best! We spent our afternoon visiting just a few, I’ll link them down below!

7. Taco picnic and sunset on the parking garage

We got a chance to see a beautiful sunset on top of a parking garage downtown where we were surrounded by a beautiful view and I would 10/10 recommend grabbing a picnic blanket, takeout (we got Tacos El Cuñado!), and a couple friends or your significant other for a memorable time!

8. World of Winter: Impulse on Monroe and Ah-Nab-Awen Park

Grand Rapids holds so many fun events all throughout the year and in the winter they have something called “The World of Winter” where there are things that you can see and do around the city such as ice sculptures, games, dances, tumbleweeds on the Blue Bridge, Impulse on Monroe, piano concerts, and more! We got a chance to see the Hybcozo’s at Ah-Nab-Awen Park and Impulse on Monroe and it was such a fun experience!

And that was our day!

There is so much you can pack into a day in Grand Rapids, and there are a ton more things that are fun to do in the winter with friends as well! Here are some other things I’ve done in the winter: 

Click the link below to see the video collage of the day!

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