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Don’t you miss doing things Downtown? I certainly do!

This weekend I had the pleasure of showing a West Grand Neighborhood home to a Chicago student who was relocating to GR. I was sharing all the cool things about the neighborhood and some of the annual festivals that happen Downtown.

And, guys, it reminded me for the thousandth time how much I miss the energy of our community events.

Well, good news…

In a major partnership Downtown GR Inc, The City of GR, GR Chamber of Commerce and Experience GR came together to organize THE BRIDGE GR. (wow, lots of “GR”s in that sentence).

So, instead of cramming in and out of shops with way too many visitors during ArtPrize, The Bridge GR is a month long outdoor event series meant to promote community with the current COVID guidelines.

Essentially, they know we miss doing things.

So they put together some cool things for us to do.

This series (starting Aug. 28th) includes cool activities such as:

  • Circle Theater Concert Pop-ups

  • Kickboxing in the North Monroe Lot

  • Yoga at Sunset at Lookout Park

  • African-American Arts + Music Festival

  • Pumpkin Painting Parties

These are fun to go alone or take a friend. Keep an eye out for me at the yoga event. That kind of stuff is right up my alley.

If you can, I’d highly encourage you to incorporate one or more of these events into your September as a way to explore our City while still social distancing.

Fore more info on events and current COVID requirements, check out the informational page HERE


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Follow along with the adventure:

See you out there! ~Tiffany Szakal, Broker | Owner

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Decision made, we will be exploring East Hills for another week. There are just too many wondering businesses to feature in this neighborhood that we simply cannot move on just yet!


Thank you so much for shopping totes and coolers so that we can donate to meals on wheels this month! Next time we will be donating to another great cause by selling some new merch! Can you guess what might be on the list next time?!


Shout out to Valerie for tagging us in this post about her time on the blue bridge with the barre code! What could possibly make the blue bridge better than a good workout and friends?!


This week we are welcoming Michelle Harmon, Jason Creadon, and Nicole Vaughan to the IHeartgGR team. Michelle and Jason work as real estate agents and Nicole keeps the team running and organized to ensure smooth transactions!

Have a great place around town you’d love to see featured?

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Blog Cover Photo Courtesy of Grand Rapids Public Museum

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