This week in GR: Is the housing market about to crash?

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A lot of you are asking about what in the world is going on with the real estate market right now.

Multiple times a day I read we’re headed towards recession from click-baity headlines. Our team is asked if the economy is about to crash? Or if home prices are going to continue appreciating at this hyper-speed pace.

Great questions.

The short answer is, we don’t know. But we have some clues that I want to lean into with optimism.

It’s unfortunate that there was not great record keeping of housing data until the 1940s because I feel like what happened during the year of and few years following the 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic would be really helpful at this moment, but there are a few sources we have thanks to the Federal Reserve White Paper on this topic. You can read it for yourself here, but long story short is that it affected the economy in the short-term, but long term economic growth for the US was stable.

So, what about this time?

We have a whole lot going for us right now.

  • We had/have a STRONG and industry-diverse economy in West Michigan.

  • We have very low inventory of houses currently on the market AND both the Spring/Summer buyer demand out there right now shopping

  • Interest rates are at historic lows which pushes the buying power further. The best thing is these are fixed rates – not the adjustable rate stuff we saw in 2004-08.

  • Remote work is easier than ever to continue in employment or open up a broad range of new employment options (this is the first time in history our job market prospects are feasibly global).

Even though we were stalled, and there are several factors that are cause for caution, our real estate market is really strong and we are ready to continue to work to protect your investment.

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