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Good Morning GR!

Wow, what a month it’s been!

Guys, last month we launched our HeartGR Non-profit impact program as a pre-ordered campfire cozy hoodie sale with 100% of the profits of that hoodie being donated to the After Dark Program.


We were able to donate over $1500 to After Dark from those sales.

We also learned A TON about retail sales. As real estate agents, we provide a service, so moving into selling tangible items was quite a learning experience. We are so thankful to this community for allowing grace as we’ve learned what that entails and are so stoked to continue with the HeartGR Program into month two.

Why the HeartGR Program. We feel called to serve in the communities where we sell, which is why we choose to partner with local non-profits. The pre-order sales of these GR items help us donate, but we also advocate for and donate our time as a team to volunteering for that organization throughout the month.

This month’s HeartGR Nonprofit Impact items are the canvas tote and cooler bag, pictured below.

(Insert visions of yourself carrying these to your favorite local haunts, to the library, or farmers market, pulling your laptop out from it at a coffee shop, or packing up for a day at the beach!)

We chose to partner with Meals on Wheels because seniors are one of our most vulnerable population during this time. Not only do they have the highest mortality rates through this pandemic, they also have been enduring isolation in an effort to shelter-in-place. Meals on Wheels has continued to provide regular interactions and meals to our Seniors! They are heroes to those they serve!

Please consider joining us during August, either by purchasing one of those darling totes or coolers, or joining our team as we donate our time to decorate bags and placemats to brighten these meals!

Follow along with the adventure:

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See you out there! ~Tiffany Szakal, Broker | Owner

IHeartGR is a residential real brokerage with the mission of connecting Grand Rapids to it’s neighborhoods.

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This week we will be continuing our journey throughout the Downtown/Medical Mile neighborhood of Grand Rapids. There is just so much to cover here that we simply cannot spend just one week here! Click the link above to learn more about the Downtown/Medical Mile area!


We have dedicated to selling different Grand Rapids merchandise each month and donating the proceeds to a different cause. This month we have coolers and totes and the money will go to Meals on Wheels! Coolers and totes go on sale today so check out our shop page on the website!


Break Room Therapy is West Michigans first “Rage Room.” What is a rage room you might ask? A Rage Room is a safe space to lose control. You can smash glass or electronic items to emotionally let go from your daily stress. Open by appointment only right now, so check out the link above to learn more!


This week on socials we visited the Downtown/Medical Mile area and it seems that (due to popularity among our followers) a great date night may involve dinner at Z’s Bar & Restaurant (YUM) followed by a short walk to visit the bold and beautiful Calder sculpture! If you by chance end up on a date night, take some pictures for us. You can tag us at @iheartgr on Instagram, we would love to see your view of the Calder!

Have a great place around town you’d love to see featured?

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You should feel free to contact us directly at 616.202.6551

Blog Cover Photo Courtesy of Grand Rapids Public Museum

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