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Good Morning GR!

Those who follow our social may have been abruptly greeted by my Market Update video yesterday from Riverside Park.

It was windy, the lighting was weird, but it was good info that I felt like needed to be discussed. So I stopped at the park after a showing, wrote down a few notes that I wanted to make sure I covered, and had a conversation with you all.

It definitely wasn’t perfect, but it was a gap in the updates I was seeing about the real estate market that I wanted to address.

I can still remember recording my first Facebook live 3 years ago.

My hand was shaky, my voice was shaky, I had to restart multiple times. It was terrifying, but I did it.

What’s my point?

You have a unique voice and skill set that you can contribute to help others reach their goal or gain clarity on a topic, but when we wait for perfection we typically continue waiting and not doing.

Things will never be 100% right so get started.

But are they at least 70% ready to go?

My new threshold is 70%. Because 70% and done is better than 100% stuck in my head.

So if you’ve been thinking, or overthinking, about starting something ask yourself if you are at least 70%. Refine the one or two things you think will make the most immediate impact in order to implement the idea AND DO IT!

The amazing thing is you will discover things you didn’t even think of along the way to improve it in the future when you start doing the thing.

You have a unique voice, a unique perspective, and a unique skill set we would love to see! So whatever the thing is you’ve been thinking about lets get started this week!

Cheers to accomplishing our goals this week!

A little Star Wars wisdom to brighten your morning 🙂

Follow along with the adventure:

IHeartGR is a Real Estate Agency focused on connecting you to the best of Greater Grand Rapids.

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See you out there! ~Tiffany Szakal, Broker | Owner

IHeartGR is a residential real brokerage with the mission of connecting Grand Rapids to it’s neighborhoods.

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As we move to the next neighborhood on our list, we are heading Downtown & into the Medical Mile. This area sure has a lot to cover so we may be here for more than just one week. Have suggestions on what you would like to see? Shoot us a DM on Instagram or Facebook!


If you didn’t see the news article we shared this last week, make sure to click the link above. Although a scary start, this story leaves you with a happy heart and an appreciation for our Grand Rapids medical professionals! Off-duty nurses saves this man’s life. He later on becomes first Michigan COVID-19 patient to undergo open heart surgery!


As you might have seen on our socials, we were able to visit the new location of Insomnia Cookies located at 44 Ionia Ave! If you haven’t heard, they serve WARM cookies until 3 AM and they will even deliver them to your house! Pictured above is their new Monster’wich (ice cream mixed w/ 2 toppings and a cookie sandwiched between 2 cookies!)


While covering the Creston neighborhood on our socials this last week, two posts on our Instagram seemed to have a lot of your love. They just so happen to be a lovely restaurant and a favorite Creston staple ice cream shop. We sense a date night in the works? First stop is Choo Choo Grill for dinner followed by dessert at Frosty Boy!

Have a great place around town you’d love to see featured?

Respond back to this email with details! We love suggestions of great people, businesses, and organizations to spotlight!

You should feel free to contact us directly at 616.202.6551

Blog Cover Photo Courtesy of Grand Rapids Public Museum

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