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Greetings and good morning good people of Grand Rapids.

I know a lot of us have been on the edge of our seat to see if the Greater Grand Rapids region is going to be moved back a phase as our coronavirus numbers pick up.

I’ve recently decided not to focus too much into that conversation until it becomes a reality because ruminating on the what ifs has driven me crazy. That’s not to say I’m avoiding decisions or information that are necessary – I’m just done planning my life around the uncertain and fear provoking “what ifs”.

Because living in “what ifs” is exhausting.

It forces us to adjust for every whim, and wild thought, and click-baity prediction of what’s coming while we mentally live in an uncertain (and most likely untrue) future rather than focusing on what’s right in front of us at that moment. Seriously, it’s exhausting. Plus, everyone seems to be yelling right now – which makes it both exhausting and anger inducing. No thanks to more of that right now. AmIRight!?

So, friends, this week available to us is an extension of the Bodies exhibit at the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

I had the pleasure of taking my Dad to see the exhibit for the first time in early March and it was so fascinating. I’d highly recommend the audio experience for context on what you are viewing.

We made a little Downtown day of it.

Here’s what I’d suggest: Check out Bodies as it opens (tickets required), a nice walk along the river and Blue Bridge, a Downtown eatery for lunch and you could even throw in a Relax at Rosa session if you go on Thursday!

Hope you all enjoy your week and be sure to explore your City!!

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Follow along with the adventure:

See you out there! ~Tiffany Szakal, Broker | Owner

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This week we are heading to a very loved part of Grand Rapids, Creston! There is a lot to explore here so head on over to our socials and get ready!

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