This week in GR: Outdoor yoga and keeping promises

From Funky Buddha’s Community Class Post – Socially Distanced, of course!

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Happy Monday GR!

So, confession time.

Last week, all week, I was excited to join Funky Buddha’s outdoor community yoga classes.

They posted their schedule at the beginning of the week. I tagged my husband in the post so he knew what I’d be doing and when so that our daughter would be cared for during those times, and I was going to join my tribe again with working out.

You see, I do way better with commitment to health when other people are involved to help hold me accountable.

It’s super easy for me to stop 1 minute into an pre-recorded workout or not go the extra mile on my bike when I’m alone so I told myself this was going to be helpful in finishing a strong workout.

I rearranged Monday’s schedule to join them. Then a buyer emergency happened early afternoon and I couldn’t go.

When Wednesday came I was tired from a very long day of driving and decided I would join them at their last in-person workout of the week.

Then that day came and we found a car to test drive that we ended up driving across Michigan to see.

What’s my point? Why I am telling you all my excuses on why I didn’t do something that I was looking forward to – but was also going to be a bit hard?

Because, guys, this is the kind of behavior I had pre-pandemic too. This busyness led, I’ll-do-it-next-time approach to life was not a life that I was fulfilled by.

In fact, I was exhausted and overwhelmed by all the priorities I put ahead of myself and ended up being reactive to other people throughout my day rather than proactive with my goals.

As we’ve gone back to our pre-pandemic routines I have found myself slipping back into those habits that didn’t actually serve me.

So, this week, I am excited and will share in our stories my adventures because I’m going to keep the promises I make to myself first! I encourage you all to do the same!

Let’s make something good come out of all this. Deal?!

Follow along with the adventure:

See you out there! ~Tiffany Szakal, Broker | Owner

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Last week we went back to Belknap Lookout which is overflowing with businesses & adventures waiting to be had!


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