This week in GR: Strawberry Adventures

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Happy Monday GR!

This week we have a note from Megan, our social media gal, all about her Strawberry adventure:

Last night I decided that I wanted to go and u-pick strawberries today. So I casually signed up for a 9am reserved slot (for social distancing) this morning at Ed Dunneback & Girls Fruit Farm thinking that I would be in and out and on with my day by 11.


Listen here. This was the first time I have ever picked strawberries and I just want to give a pat on the back to all my friends who picked strawberries as their first job.  Luckily the Lord provided shade all morning so I didn’t sweat too much,  but you bet I took time to stretch my legs after squatting that long.

10 pounds later, I headed home to rinse and cut all the glorious, sweet, sweet berries. What an amazing adventure and day. It’s the little things like supporting farmers and knowing where my food and produce comes from that brings me so much joy. We are blessed to have so many opportunities in Michigan that other states and countries cannot enjoy!

Notes I have made for the future:

1 – bring a friend next time
2 – block off at least half a day
3 – pick more than you want because your family will eat a lot of them

Follow along with the adventure:

See you out there! ~Tiffany Szakal, Broker | Owner

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Proprietary is a quality dry bulk foods store located on Wealthy St. They carry a wide range of every day essentials like grains, nuts, beans, spices, tea, soaps, bamboo products, glassware, & so many other goodies!

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