This week in GR: Celebrating the Big Moments

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Happy Monday GR!

Guys! We made it through another week!

Okay, so obviously we made it through another week, but last week was quiet a week for me so it feels like I’m proclaiming that from the mountaintops.

My son graduated high school AND had an actual walk-across-the-stage ceremony.

Yes, it was outside

Yes, it was limited to parents and siblings only

and yes all the families were sat 6 feet apart.

But it was an actual celebration!

We had planned a very limited party with my parents and my in-laws in the backyard for this past weekend to align with everyone’s schedules.

Well, graduation happened and my son in his excitement invited ALL his boys to the grad party as well. Because that’s what Seniors do. They invite all their friends over.

As we know, we are not in normal circumstances here. So what’s a COVID celebration look like? Where do I get short notice rentals? What about food? Guys, this was a lot to do with a few days notice.


With barely a bit of notice Baker Tent Rental and Sabor Latino had us covered.

Bakers was so thorough, helpful, and super calming through the entire process. They had rentable tables, chairs, and a tent at an affordable price with low-contact ready to go.

Sabor Latino….

okay, let me just pause here.

It you’ve never had the pleasure of stewed chicken, rice, peas and plantains at this West Michigan hidden gem – go immediately! They are in an unassuming building on Grandville Ave with the biggest flavors you have ever had. SOOO GOOD. They rock at catering for big corporations and desperate last minute grad moms like me.

So, back to the event.

These two businesses were ready to serve, so incredibly helpful, and exactly what I needed in my weekend.

We had the space for tables + chairs 6 feet apart for family units, multiple seating areas, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant for the inside of the house restroom. There was a lot to think about, but I’m thankful that the biggest last minute concerns – food and rentals – were handled with ease by the professionals.

If your wedding, graduation, or summer celebration plans have changed because of COVID, or if you need last minute help THEY HAVE YOU COVERED!!!

Follow along with the adventure:

See you out there! ~Tiffany Szakal, Broker | Owner

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Steeped in the history of its building, the Blue Dog Tavern is a fun, friendly, safe place for people to eat and drink with old friends and make new ones. Big thanks to Blue Dog Tavern for tagging us.

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