Local Gifts Dads Love, Inspired by The Dad ?

You may or may not be familiar with the man, the myth, the Twitter-Legend, The Dad.

To honor Dads everywhere, we’ve taken inspiration from this parental public figure to share some great local Dad gifts that are sure to please the Pops in your life.


Dad’s Love Giving a Bit of Grief:



So gift him a new wallet from Gemini Handmade to lend from.


Dads Love Complete Socket Sets… and other tools:

dads love socket wrenches

dads and their power tools

Take him to your local Ace Hardware for helpful service and to finally replace that one tool you borrowed (maybe lost) all those years ago.


Dad love Ice Cream – I mean L-O-V-E IT!:

dads love ice cream

dads love ice cream loves ice cream grand rapids downtown market

Take Dad To Loves Ice Cream at the Downtown Market for a pint of his own


Dads Love Playing Games:

Screenshot 2020-06-19 at 12.53.31 PM.png

blue bridge games

But it might be time to take Dad to Blue Bridge Games to find something new to play.


Dad Love Collecting Dad Tax:


hancock gr chicken sandwhich meal strawberry shake

Take Dad to Hancock for a complete meal – or two, plus Dad Tax. Seriously. He will love it!


Dads Love the Natural Look:



A Dad’s job can be tough, take him to Fox Naturals for skincare solutions to keep him looking his best!


Dads Love Grill Gear:



Take Dad to Watsons to cash in on their summer sale and check out the all the grill accessories


And more than anything, Dads Love …You!

So give him a call, take him to your favorite spot in town, or enjoying an afternoon in the backyard. Our time is the best gift we can give!

Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there!



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