Small Business Saturday – Thought Design

Small Business Saturday – Thought Design

Good evening, friends! We hope you had the most wonderful of weekends and are enjoying your night before the week kicks off again.

We wanted to come on here and chat real quick about a super cool business we were able to learn about this week in Rockford.

Thought Design is a place where you can go to experience innovative, brain science-centered learning opportunities. Which is perfect for teams, groups, or individuals looking for ways to grow and develop either personally or professionally.

The space sure allows for a wonderfully calm and thought producing environment, being set right next to the river with large windows allowing beautiful natural light to sweep through the rooms as you learn and build! You can even rent out spaces here for your own events!

One great point Thought Design brings up is how the brain is the most powerful muscle a human has and that we must treat it like all the rest. In order for it to work at full potential and continue to grow, we must give it a workout and condition it to improve as we grow older.

At Thought Design, they believe there are 5 main pillars of a healthy brain:

  • exercise

  • nutrition

  • learning

  • social connection

  • sleep

Using these 5 pillars, they create experiences and opportunities that will challenge you to rethink how you learn!

Some ways this is done are by going through the different programs which include team building, introducing your Thinking Toolbox, and a workshop for educational professionals. You will want to read more about the opportunities available by clicking HERE.

If you are interested in heading over to Thought Design and checking out a workshop, click HERE for a list of what’s coming up!

Thank you so much to Denise, who created Thought Design in 2013, for allowing us to check out your beautiful space!


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