Small Business Saturday – Rosa’s Closet

Hello, friends of Grand Rapids! We hope you are enjoying your Saturday so far and thank you for tuning in for another Small Business Saturday!

This week Molly and I explored Gaslight Village to find some awesome businesses we could spotlight and we were not disappointed. Among the treats, food, and decor we stepped into the cutest upscale resale boutique, Rosa’s Closet.

Now, disclaimer, I have known the owner’s of this cute shop for a while! Lisa and Andy Fredricks were my neighbors growing up! The kids in our neighborhood used to gather at their house for fun game nights and fires, the time spent with them was always fun and filled with laughter. So, naturally, I knew about the boutique they had bought but had never had the chance to shop around at it. Que the perfect opportunity to spend time at the boutique and see what they had built. And guys, I was blown away at the number of cute clothes I found right away. They have collected items from many brands creating a beautiful display of a variety of clothing and accessories.

One of the many great things about this boutique is the wide range of clothing types. You can find everything from high-end luxury items to your everyday classics, and all at an affordable cost! To give an example, we put some outfits together from the store.

In this first photo, we paired together this beautiful black lace top with these baby pink pointed toe heels. Also available were these adorable colored bracelets that gave the outfit an additional pop of color!

Here Molly paired this cute cream blouse with a perfect black blazer. For the bottom half, she added a striped high-waisted skirt and a pair of black pointed heels to pull it all together.

Although I fell in love with each outfit we put together, this combo was my personal favorite! This wonderfully flowy shirt was the perfect match to these leopard print heels. The floral bracelet added the right accent piece and was the cherry on top of it all!

Lastly, we put together this ADORABLE outfit for a comfy feel! This subtle pink jacket paired amazingly with the color of these soft green pants. The white shirt underneath was a classic must have in anyone’s closet.

We were able to do our shopping on Monday so we can’t be sure as to what items we are posting are still available. I would suggest you run, NOT WALK if you like any of these items to claim them as your own!

Now, let’s chat about other opportunities this boutique has to offer. If you are looking to have a night out with your friends, you can even host private shopping parties which are the perfect night for a birthday babe, bachelorette bride, or brilliant bash! (ok – that last one was a stretch but let’s just go with it) Read more about the opportunity to host your private event HERE.

You may also want to learn more about the owner’s who have some great causes to support and why they have chosen them. Read more about their stories HERE.

Thanks so much for having us and allowing us to play dress-up in your boutique! I will most definitely be a repeat customer and will be stopping by anytime I am in the Gaslight Village neighborhood.


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