Small Business Saturday – Grand Rapids Sport and Social Club

If you are one of the following, you should be thoroughly ecstatic for this Small Business Saturday:

  1. New to town and looking for a cool way to meet new people.

  2. Not new to town but still looking for a cool way to meet new people.

  3. Interested in sports.

  4. Like food and drink specials at your local bar.

And really, I think that most of you can consider at least one of those options to be you! If not, you should still read what we have to say about the Grand Rapids Sport and Social Club because you might be surprised.

So, what is the Grand Rapids Sport and Social Club (GRSSC) you might ask? It’s pretty much what it sounds like! By joining this awesome club, you have the opportunity to get up, get out, and socialize.

Get up: stand up, exercise, get moving!

Get out: the chance to leave your house!

Socialize: meet new people and spend time with your friends!

Mental health is just as important as physical health and this is why the social aspect is a huge part of this club.

The physical activities available stretch from flag football to holding a deck of cards, so really, there is something for everyone! Kickball, softball, capture the flag, and the list keeps going! GRSSC is even responsible for Human Hungry Hungry Hippo on Ice at Rosa Parks Circle. There is truly fun for everyone when joining!

While so many parks in this city sit empty, the GRSSC is working on filling them! As they play and hang out on the field, families gather to watch and appreciate the games. Not only has this been a fun thing for the players, but also for kids wandering by with their parents. The atmosphere of these local parks becomes a hustle and bustle of laughing and running around and FUN.

When the playing is done, GRSSC has partnered with some local bars including The Log Cabin and Quinn & Tuite’s Irish Pub to gather. Instead of spending half an hour trying to find a place to hang out, the location is chosen for you so you can spend more time actually socializing. Not only that, but the venues offer special deals for the GRSSC those nights! If you own a bar and are interested in joining the team, click HERE for more details.

And guess what? Registration begins on MONDAY! That’s right, it’s time to get yourself moving and sign up for some awesome activities. This first week you will save $10 as part of the early bird special. *insert dancing emoji* You can register as a team or alone, it’s easy! Click HERE to read more information and create a profile while you wait for registration to open. Your buy-in will get you 7 weeks in your league, a shirt, into the afterparty, and into the awards party at the end!

When creating a profile you are creating a visible profile to show off your achievements. There are badges you can earn by completing different tasks. Some of these achievements will even come with real-life prizes, too! Which is always a bonus.

Last but most certainly not least, we want to thank GRSSC for allowing us to chat and learn more about all that they do! This program sounds like a blast and we hope our readers get to understand!

And readers, you should probably go over to the team page and check out the amazing staff at GRSSC. Not only are they really fun people, but their achievements and life stories will blow you away. Make sure to read about the mysterious Godfather at the end, too. You won’t regret it. Click HERE to check it out.

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