Small Business Saturday – Happy Cat Cafe

Happy happy Saturday, friends!

We hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far. What might make your weekend better you may ask? There are so many amazing and fun things to do in Grand Rapids and today we want to talk to you about Happy Cat Cafe!

Happy Cat Cafe opened its doors on August 17, 2017 thanks to some very generous Kickstarter backers who raised $26,821 to turn this dream into a reality! And if all goes to plan, this is just the beginning with hopes to have a full-service coffee bar.

So what’s the idea behind this beautiful place? It’s to help find homes for the most adorable, loving cats! These cats are brought from Carol’s Ferals to spend time interacting with people and bask in the sun, enjoying their days with around 11 other cats. In late summer during kitten season, you can see up to 25 kittens hanging out, an actual dream.

Happy Cat Cafe has helped to triple the adoption rate since working with Carol’s Ferals, and have adopted out about 175 cats since opening.

As they continue to add to that number, you can visit by the hour or half hour. When you pay to spend time with these beautiful animals you will also receive complimentary coffee and other beverages.

Along with the option of a relaxed visit, they also accommodate for events such as wine and canvas classes with the cats, seasonal events like egg painting, yoga with cats, and private parties.

Check out their website HERE to learn more about the adventures happening at the Happy Cat Cafe or to inquire about booking a private event.

Make sure to give the cats a pet for us when you go to visit, we already miss their sweet faces!

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