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Happy Saturday IHeartGR followers!

We hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and enjoying the weather beginning to warm up a bit here.

This week we are in the wonderful neighborhood of Heartside and there is so much to discover! Between the restaurants, shops, and other businesses, there is so much to choose from when picking which business to spotlight.

For Small Business Saturday this week, we have decided to talk about Treadstone Mortgage and for a few good reasons:

Reason one: Locality

Treadstone is a local business and you all know how much we LOVE to support our local entrepreneurs. Treadstone was founded in 2003 by Brendan O’Driscoll and Kevin Polakovich and has committed to hiring ethical business people, practicing common sense lending, and creating an environment where people work hard and play hard. This is a kind of business we love to see!

Reason two: Business

You all know we have a great appreciation for everything Grand Rapids and this includes the stunning homes from old to new. We recently introduced our passion for real estate and our wonderfully talented real estate professional, Molly Craft, on the iheartGR social platforms. Most of our team has been working in real estate for a bit now ranging from a year to over a decade. In this time we have worked with Treadstone personally and can tell you from an insiders perspective that this is a great company. We are continuously impressed with their customer service and open communication throughout transactions and appreciate their way of business.

Reason three: Customer Care

When we sat down with some of the great people who work for Treadstone, they let us know of a great motto they like to keep in the workplace, “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your customers.” What an amazing way to work?! The world, and specifically the business place, needs great leaders and a one who appreciates their employees is well respected.

Reason four: Dogs

Yep. That’s a perfectly logical reason to like a business. Upon sitting in the relaxing lounge area and chewing on a complimentary mint mentos, the cutest puppy named, wait for it… OTIS! Yes. The cutest pup with the cutest name came strutting in to say hello and greet us with the most wonderful of enthusiasm.

Also, if you head over to the Treadstone Instagram (click here) you will see that Mabel, a beautiful golden retriever, is the star of the show. Making both employees and clients happy as can be. A dog-friendly workplace is a very happy workplace.

There are so many things that make Treadstone a great place to help you along your home buying journey. While these are just a few things that make Treadstone wonderful, we know that when you work with them, you will find many more!

“Our mission is to help people buy homes with less hassle and more enjoyment by developing genuine relationships, applying a team-based approach to customer care, and providing sound advice.” -Treadstone Mortgage

Visit their website for more information by clicking HERE.

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