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Happy Saturday! This week has been a strange one with it SNOWING on the FIRST DAY OF SPRING! What in the world, Michigan?! While we await for the weather to actually feel like spring, we are going to continue uncovering the wonders (big and small) of the Medical Mile! In this, we have decided for our blog post today to be all about the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce! Woot woot!

If you are like me and have little knowledge of what the Chamber of Commerce is, I am going to explain it to you how Laura Traxler, Director of Membership, explained it to me. To do this, we are going to break it down into three main groups: Business Services, Advocacy, and Talent Development.

First, let’s jump into Business Services!

The Chamber has some awesome resources and tools to help you run your business successfully. When joining, your company is assigned an Ambassador to work with as a business consultant. This person will help you with a business plan, guide you to your goals, and expand your visibility to the Grand Rapids area. You can rely on your partner at the Chamber for help as part of your membership perks!

As well as relying on your Ambassador, there are also over 2,400 other businesses making up a massive network of fellow leaders and entrepreneurs for you to connect with. Whether you need a vendor, partner, or someone to bounce ideas off of, the resources are endless. The Chamber of Commerce hosts many events and programs to help connect you. Check out more about the Business Services available HERE.

Next, we want to address the topic of Advocacy.

While this is a great time and place to do business, we still need to make sure we focus some of our time on rules, requirements, paperwork, and permits. With help from the Chamber, the process becomes a little less stressful and you can trust that your business is being taken care of. They will make sure your voice is heard and work hard to shape policies, ideas, and opportunities to improve your experience.

The Chamber also works to provide events making your time with people and policymakers valuable. This includes events like “Breakfast with Legislators” or “Politics and Pints.” You can find out more about events and advocacy HERE.

The third and last group is Talent Development.

The Chamber of Commerce understands the importance of each person’s talents. The growth of our community is largely impacted by the diverse skills and workforce all around us. Focusing on developing our talents and creating a strong set of leaders will contribute to continuing prosperity among our community.

Many opportunities arise with the Chamber when one becomes a member including one-on-one consulting, leadership programs, and many networking events! Check our more on Talent Development and events involved HERE.

Becoming a member, you have many options and levels to choose from to ensure you get the right attention and package for you and your business. Levels are listed and explained HERE. With these packages, you will receive many perks including the use of their facilities to work in! Being only about a year old, this working space has a fresh and uplifting feel with plenty of space. Depending on your package, you will also have access to 3 different meeting rooms and the board room.

As you can see, the Chamber of Commerce provides many opportunities to better your business and the experiences you have that come along with it. To check out more events you may be interested in, click HERE. You will find events that help you launch your business, ways to network, workshops, and so much more.

The Chamber of Commerce is a great organization to be part of if you are looking to expand your business or knowledge! There are so many opportunities that come with a membership. I am personally thrilled to have the working space available to me! As someone who doesn’t work out of the office full time, this is a great space to be productive while still getting out of the house and into the world.

A huge thanks to Laura for sitting down with me to explain what the Chamber believes and offers!

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