Small Business Saturday – Linc Up

Hello and welcome back to a super awesome Small Business Saturday today!

As many of you may know, we are covering the Madison Square neighborhood and are finding some really awesome places!

Yesterday we posted about Rising Grinds Cafe, which is attached to the LINC UP building. How lucky are the staff there? I bet you I would be in that cafe nearly every day for a fresh cup of coffee or some lunch!

Now, we come to tell you about LINC UP! An amazing non-profit located on the corner of Madison & Hall that works hard to bring community revitalization! They believe in expanding opportunities in a community to help people thrive while avoiding the idea that you have to pick up your life and move FOR opportunity. And how awesome is that?

Part of how they do this is by hosting events to get people together and create a social network. Like their “First Friday” event that happens, you guessed it, on the first Friday of each month from 6 pm to 11 pm! This gives local professionals the time to *Linc Up* and network all while enjoying a blend of smooth music, local art, poetry, and the best food from Linc Up Soul Food Cafe.

Along with this, they also host the Rock the Block event which has held over 10,000 people in the last years! This event gives us all the chance to celebrate diversity and community while enjoying a variety of vendors, entertainment, cuisine, local art, and more! Check in on their Facebook page HERE to stay connected and up to date with what’s happening.

Linc Up also has a great co-working space available that is open to anyone or any business! Open 24 hours with key card access, you can enjoy their clean and open workspace for whatever you may need. Click HERE for more information on the co-working space.

Looking to volunteer some of your time? They have plenty of opportunity for you. Between canvasing, handing out flyers, and their large events, Linc Up has plenty of ways to help give back to the community. If you don’t have the time to give but still want to be part of this amazing non-profit and the mission they serve you can give a monetary donation online which we will link HERE.

Now let’s chat a little about the motto #DoSomething. This hashtag is used to challenge one another to commit to playing a roll in advancements. It is a charge to actually go after the change we wish to see rather than relying on others to do it for us. Each voice counts and with each voice, we can become louder!

Thank you so much to the Linc Up team for having us and allowing us to learn more about what you do! We love connecting with the people and businesses of Grand Rapids and the fact that you love to do the same is incredible. We love what you’re doing and hope to get out to one of your upcoming events real soon!

Read more about their mission on the website HERE.

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