Small Business Saturday – Martha’s Vineyard

Hello to you! We hope you are having a wonderful weekend so far and thank you for tuning in to yet another Small Business Saturday Blog!

Today we will be talking about the oh-so-magnificent Martha’s Vineyard, where all your dreams come true. That’s right folks, this is the place to be! Especially if you are in need of the basics. You know, like… wine! But also an assortment of bread, deli, jams, chocolate, ice cream, etc! You name it, they got it.

Let’s pause at that wine section a minute though. The selection of wine at Martha’s Vineyard is extensive! The walls are lined and isles are full of different varieties, ensuring you will find something for your tastebuds and if you somehow can’t find what you are looking for, they will do their best to locate and order it for you! The knowledgeable staff is willing to go above and beyond to help you find the perfect match to your cravings. *Round of applause for the wine staff*

Another super great feature about this shop is that although they have a large selection of fun and unique items, they like to keep an open mind about what they could carry! If there is a product you know of that you think may cozy up well on the shelves, feel free to make a suggestion and they may just start stocking the shelves with it. Martha’s Vineyard is always up for trying out new products, this means you will constantly find new items while shopping there.

While walking the isles of this beautiful market you’ll find groceries that will expand your taste buds, some of them made locally! As I was there this week I recognized names like Founders, New Holland, Madcap, Rowster, and Cone Appétit.

This led me to think about how awesome it is that local markets, like Martha’s Vineyard, support our local businesses! We have so many great and talented people in Grand Rapids and their products earn a spot in markets all around town. How incredible that Martha’s Vineyard has made the decision to support these people?

If you are interested in shopping local, you can find stickers on the price tags throughout the market that indicate which products are from Michigan! How convenient is that?

Among the market, you will also find a deli and pizza shop (which we talked a bit about on Thursday). Not only that, but the neighboring businesses are also connected! Nantucket Bakery, Lyon Street Cafe, Marcona on Lyon, all ready to serve you with the same unique and beautiful experiences.

The owner, Kameel Chamelly, and his family have turned that corner of Lyon and Union into a place where the community can have it all. The shops are filled with wonderful smells of pizza and baked goods and coffee. Walking distance for many and a desirable drive from downtown, the community has come to love and embrace Martha’s Vineyard and the shops surrounding it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with us and tell us all about your business! We, as well as the people of Grand Rapids, have so much love for your sweet market.

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One thought on “Small Business Saturday – Martha’s Vineyard”

  • Lauren Dahlhauser

    This is, hands down, among my top 5 frequented places in Grand Rapids since I moved here a year ago. It’s definitely my go-to wine/liquor stop and the staff is SO friendly and helpful.


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