Small Business Saturday – Art of the Table

Welcome back, friends, to another blog post about the small businesses we LOVE in Grand Rapids! This week we toured around the Wealthy Heights neighborhood and sure enough, it did NOT disappoint.

As we thought about which business to highlight, Art of the Table was at the top of our minds. I mean, how cool is it that they were only the second store to open on Wealthy!? Having to rehab the building before moving in and taking over, it’s obvious there was a lot of work put into this project.

Art of the Table makes it easy for those who love food (most human beings, right?) and entertaining. And they make it fun! With wall to wall selections of food and drinks, the possibilities are endless. Which is something the owner, Amy Ruis, wants to show everyone! Food is fun and why not discover new tastes? She has a passion for people and making them happy, which shows in the way she talks about her store!

When we asked Amy what makes her passionate about her business, she responded with this: “I love to be that person on the front lines, making friends, helping people know that real people own these local stores around town and that we’re doing it because we love the variety of life, the ever-changing landscape of what we do, helping along other local businesses & creators through what we all do together.”

I wanted you, our readers, to read that sentence word for word as I did because you can feel the passion come through in the way Amy talks about her business.

Another really great thing about Art of the Table is that you can shop around and select items to personalize a beautiful gift and when you leave the amazing staff will wrap it up beautifully! They make creating gift baskets look like an art form, folks. I have been gifted one and trust me, they are gorgeous. Plus, the gift is all hand selected by the person who knows them best, that’s you!

Art of the Table doesn’t stop there though! They also bartend for private parties. With a team of certified bartenders and wonderful options to select from, you can host and mingle at your events (personal or corporate) with ease.

Even if you just wanted to obtain alcohol (21+), look at the selection above! It is extensive and the picture doesn’t even show the entirety of what they have to offer.

While this is their only location at the moment you can also visit Aperitivo in the Downtown Market, which is a sister store to Art of the Table! When Art of the Table began to get too full of products they took the opportunity to bring cheese & charcuterie to Aperitivo, expanding the selection. This space in the market also allows them to hold classes and tastings, which you can imagine would be a magical experience.

Thank you to Art of the Table for bringing adventure and exploration of the taste buds to Grand Rapids!

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