Small Business Saturday – Kingma’s Market

This week we explored Cheshire Village.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s a small section of the Creston neighborhood. This village has so much to offer that it couldn’t possibly all be squeezed into last week’s Creston highlight!

A staple of the Village is Kingma’s Market, and it’s our focus for the iheartGR Small Business Saturday feature this week!

Kingma’s opened it’s doors in 1996, focusing on local products and specialty items. Owner, Alan Hartline, wanted this community market to “meet the needs of today’s lifestyle” where customers can shop for dinner with their families without having to walk past isles and isles of items which had no purpose to the person looking.

Instead, Kingma’s focuses on the idea that “food is fun.” They live out that mantra with the wide range of specialty cheeses, beautiful displays of produce in the center of the market, and the ever-present local first vibe; from fresh syrup sourced from the Upper Peninsula, honey from Grand Rapids, spinach from Kalamazoo, and so many others!

With the success of the Cheshire Village location, Kigma’s had the opportunity to expand in 2017 to Ada. Many of you may know that Ada is going through a downtown redevelopment and Hartline was thrilled to be a part of such great local growth.

In September of 2017, they opened their doors to the people of Ada, bringing local goodies and so much more!

Down the road, Hartline hopes to open more Kingma’s Market locations and continue their beautiful vision.

We are so happy to have them in Grand Rapids and are excited to follow along in their journey to make food fun for GR-Metro residents.

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